Pink Peony & Strawberry-Blonde Redheads

Redhead wearing pink
Q: Can strawberry-blond redheads [with fair skin & blue eyes] wear blouses in Pink Peony (it's slightly darker than French Pink)?
A: Speaking in general terms, you should be fine wearing the “pink peony” with strawberry blonde hair. However, the exact shade of your strawberry blonde hair and the “pink peony” color will be the real determiner. What you have to pay attention to is the likelihood that the pink color of the blouse can leave your complexion looking washed out, or can make your hair appear too “pink”.
With any “rule” of fashion and compatibility, there are always exceptions. The best bet is to try out the color yourself and see how it looks on you (preferably trying out a garment before purchase). Be sure to look at the garment in indoor lighting of different types (incandescent and fluorescent) and in natural daylight where possible. The broad spectrum light of daylight can often reveal problems with compatibility that aren’t readily apparent in artificial light.
Usually, the color most feared (with good cause) by strawberry blondes and other redheads is orange. This is because the orange color tends to cause redheads of all shades to appear brassy and too orange as well.
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