Popped Up Collar

Wearing a blouse with the collar popped up
Q: Is it ok for a girl to wear polo shirts or blouses with the collar popped up?
A: Of course. The way you choose to wear such a shirt is purely a matter of taste. Of course, you do want to consider the overall effect such a look has on you.
If you have a short neck, wearing your collar turned up can over-emphasize that fact. In such cases, it would not be a flattering look, although there is no “rule” concerning doing so.
Remember that the way you want to wear your garments is a matter of personal choice. If people restricted themselves to only wearing garments a certain way, many of the fads and fashions of the past would never have become popular, and some of the fashions of today would never have come to be.
For example, camisole tops were originally designed as undergarments, and were only to be worn under the clothing. Yet, today, most women own at least one camisole top and wear them as a staple of their wardrobe.
Be creative; be adventurous; try anything you want to try. Sometimes the ideas will work, sometimes they won’t. Just don’t let some idea that you “can’t” or “shouldn’t” keep from finding out what works for you.
Polo shirts with popped up collars
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