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Make-up for the eyes
Q: I was wondering what color eye shadow I should put on for prom. I have brown eyes and the dress I am wearing is black.
A: Well, makeup is an art that requires an individual to evaluate skin tone, eye and hair color as well as the desired results to be taken into consideration before you can choose the right shade for a situation. I can offer you a few simple tips that may help you, however.
Evening functions usually call for more dramatic shades of makeup. Smoky looks and jeweled tones work well. If you are unsure about applying your makeup for the big night, try practicing a few days beforehand. Look at current beauty magazines and practice recreating the looks you see in them. We also have some detailed information and tips on makeup application here.
As for choosing the right color and shade of eye shadow for your brown eyes, you have to remember that complimentary colors of make-up will help your eye color to look its best. For brown eyes it is usually best to use a blue or green toned shade for this purpose. The specific color would depend on your specific skin tone and eye color. Take the time to try out a few different shades to see which look you like best.
You may also want to consider the other jewelry and adornments you will be wearing. If you are planning to accent your look with gold jewelry, richer and deeper colors would be best, while silver jewelry would call for lighter, cooler shades of the color. (This decision is typically determined by the person’s color type – silver or gold, formerly summer, autumn, winter or spring – and this color typing can make the choices simpler for you.) You can find out how to determine your color type here.
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