Red Cheeks

Girl with red cheeks
Q: I have red cheeks all the time! Even when I'm calm and cool they look like I'm embarrassed and hot. I've tried a cleanser and moisturizer but they don't seem to do anything! What can I do?
A: The situation you describe sounds like something you should discuss with your physician. There are several conditions that can result in chronic facial redness, some of which are more serious than others. My primary advice is for you to see your doctor about the redness to eliminate the possibility that it is a symptom of a more serious underlying issue.
Among the possible causes of facial redness are Cushingís Syndrome (where the body is exposed to an excess of cortisol Ė a stress hormone), Lupus (which is an autoimmune disease that can affect multiple organs and tissues, including the skin), Rosacea, Rubella (German measles), and Scarlet Fever (caused by an exotoxin from Streptococcus pyogenes).
Iím not trying to alarm you or say that you have ANY of these conditions, but simply advising you that chronic redness is something you should speak to your doctor about, because if one of these conditions is the cause of the redness, early diagnosis and treatment is important.
Itís also possible that the situation is not related to any potentially harmful condition, and is something with which you simply must learn to cope. To that end, I can offer you a few suggestions that will help you to cover up the redness.
If your end goal is to mask the appearance of the redness, then look for one of the myriad cosmetics that are designed to help cover redness and even out the skinís appearance. You can find these products by Maybelline, Clinique, Cover FX, Natureís Minerals, and many other makers. This means that you can surely find a solution that works with your needs and budget.
Some of the better-working of said products have a slight greenish cast to the pigmentation, and are designed to be worn under your regular make-up regimen (or use with a top-coat cosmetic). The mineral-based powder make-ups are great for those who prefer little or no make-up normally, and even if you need to use a non-powder concealer beneath, you can use a powder base over it to give you the natural, light coverage you desire and to even and balance your skinís tone.
But, once again, PLEASE consult your doctor about the possible cause of this redness. Once you know that the cause is NOT something medical, you can proceed to deal with it from a cosmetic standpoint. I wish you the very best.
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