Sweat-Proof Fake Tanning

Woman with a fake tan
Q: I do a lot of high-intensity exercise. Are there any good fake tans on the market that are sweat-proof?
A: Yes. What you want to make sure of is to look for artificial tanning products designed for those individuals with active lifestyles. You may also want to look into products that donít just act as ďmake-upĒ for the skin, but rather generate and reaction with the skin to create the artificial pigmentation. These products become waterproof and sweat-proof once they have been allowed to process on the skin.
Be sure to read and follow the application instructions carefully, regardless of the sunless self-tanner product you choose. You want to use these products properly in order to ensure that you get the most natural and pleasing results. No one wants to wear a fake tan if itís going to look fake.
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