Retro Pixie Cut

This very short hairstyle brings to mind something akin to a retro pixie cut. Very short, severely feathered fringe; framing an almost angelic face. Note that the weight line of the cut follows the silhouette of the hairline fairly proportionally. This case showcases the modelís face to perfection.
Pixie cuts work beautifully with oval- and heart-shaped facial structures with strong and unique features such as big eyes, sharp-edged jawlines or sensuous lips. Note the modelís emphasized facial bone structure and almost elf like features, including small almost dainty ears. This retro pixie cut amplifies all these features to such an extent that you can almost not imagine the model with another hairstyle.
The medium brown hair color base is weaved through with very fine golden-brown and copper highlights to create this almost iridescent kaleidoscope of shimmering brown colors bouncing off one another.
The weight-line is feathered along the hairline of the model to soften the look somewhat, while the lineS along the ears are kept cropped short and solid. The back of the style is cropped short and blunt, thus maintaining equilibrium and proportion.
Photo: Goldwell
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