Short Hairstyle with Blunt Lines

This is a very edgy, almost futuristic look. The blunt, solid lines look deceptively easy to do, but itís not. The most talented and experienced stylists usually use this kind of cut to showcase their abilities and flair, often on international circuits such as catwalks or fashion shows.
The golden and orange undertones showcased here arenít easily pulled off. Intermittent slices of golden and orange-hued blonde highlights are used to create this unique color. Note the modelís cool skin-tone and light eyes. This type of complexion works best with the tones used here.
The weight-line of the cut is customized to best showcase the modelís features. Note how the hair is cut in almost a cap-like structure, with solid open lines along the ears, short in the neck and flowing curves framing her face.
The hair is combed forward from above the occipital bone, to form a solid mass of hair on top of the head all the way to just above the eyebrows. Solid lines are the hardest to accomplish, hence the fact that this is a favourite look of the cream-of-the-crop stylists.
This hairstyle is not for the feint-hearted, but if youíre looking for the kind of style that will have people looking back over their shoulders, youíll hit the jack-pot with this one. This style works best with a large amount of fine, straight hair.
Photo: BjŲrn Axťn Artistic Team
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