Very Short Platinum Hair

This lifted pixie style is easily maintainable (not counting the platinum color if you have dark hair though), easily styled and extremely versatile. You can look like the ultimate devil-may-care elfish man-eater at night (just look at this picture), and just as easily pull off the girl-next-door look during the day.
The hair along the lower circumference of her head is shaved or cut very short, which means that it is super easily styled and effortlessly maintained, with relatively few trips to the salon. The hair is cut gradually longer to the top, tapering off in a focal-point towards the long and dramatically feathered fringe.
The stylist blends in the different lengths of hair well enough so that the graduation seems flawless and seamless. The ears are completely exposed, which shows off the modelís chiseled jawline and tapered neckline. The short length of this cut also offsets the silhouette and youth of the model, while keeping with the feel of simplicity and freshness.
This striking pixie cut can be combined with dark, dramatic makeup, to create an almost witch-like scene. Or it can be worn with no makeup at all, giving off the feel of a confident and strong woman who is comfortable in her own skin.
The platinum blonde fits this style very well, as it keeps the equilibrium of intensity and attention. Note how well the modelís strong jaw-line and decidedly pointed, almost faerie/elfin like features fit this dramatically flaunting hairstyle.
Photo: Yolanda Aberasturi
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