Short Hair with Different Colors

The creative stylistís hand that created this style is startlingly adept at creating the optical illusion of a manipulated silhouette. The proportions of this modelís head have been masterfully wrought by playing with the weight line of the style, incorporating different off-setting colors, using the brush and hairdryer as a magical wand; ultimately creating something akin to the silhouette of a reptilian Martian.
Note how short the hair is at the bottom part of this style, simplifying the hairline of the style. The hair is blended masterfully by gradually increasing the length and thickness all the way to the top. This is a purely optical illusion created phantasmagoria of illuminated kaleidoscopic colors, tones and depth spilling over one another to finally create something that makes one wonder if this cut belongs to the realm of dreams. The integration of dark-brown, medium nut-brown, thin slices of golden blonde and splashes of red and copper is simply astounding.
The asymmetrical brilliance of this cut enables the stylist to show off his/her control over the color-wand. The over-all undertone of these colors is warm, which makes the modelís light complexion glow like the skin of an interstellar goddess.
If you desire to make this style your own, youíll have to make very sure that you find a stylist who can actually do this. Also know that the upkeep on this hairstyle will be very time- and finance consuming. But if you can make it work, you can count on never being approached by the Wallflower-club ever again.
Photo: Wella
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