Short Back and Tapered Sides Hairstyle

This type of style has been a favorite of tress-goddesses like Michelle Williams and Elsa Pataky. The short back and deliciously tapered sides make for a fresh and super easily manageable hairstyle, while the sweepingly long fringe adds femininity and elegance.
This beautiful pixie cut can be styled into many variations, drawing out a wide range of looks for the wearer. Note that the hair at the back and the bottom of the sides is shaved very short, and gradually increases in length and thickness to the top of the head.
The weight line of the fringe is cut in an asymmetrical manner to ensure that it is easily swept to the side and stays in place, despite its length and thickness. Note that her ears are completely exposed, as well as her jaw- and neckline. This creates a fresh, open and youthful feel.
The deep red-brown hair color is sprinkled with slightly lighter copper-red slits of highlights, adding a muted illuminated iridescent glow to the color. The deep red is a warm and rich color, offsetting the modelís almost fragile peaches and cream skin tone beautifully. Note that the modelís makeup is kept minimalistic and pointedly natural, as to not deflect attention from the delicious hairstyle.
This style works well on almost any facial shape and facial bone structure, although oval- and heart-shaped women claim preference. The very short style opens up the face and shows off unique features such as a beautiful mouth or soulful eyes.
Photo: Unali Arthairstyle
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