Short Hairstyle with Shaved Sides

Here is a beautifully glossy and tapered example of Schwarzkopfís favorite elemental foundations when creating a show stopping hairstyle. This very short hairstyle is cut with the kind of artistically temperamental vigor that an elite few stylists are born with.
The span of the full, long fringe is cut with almost microscopic precision, creating a flawlessly tapered and curved weighing spanning from temple to temple. At the temple it is connected to the jutting hairline angle, which has been shaved very short to create the impressive contrast between long vs. short, and curved vs. angled.
The hair has been immaculately blended by a genius-like stylistís hand to create the flowing increase in length from extremely short sides to long and glossy fringe. Note the equilibrium between the modelís jawline and the curve of the fringe; it co-exists in almost flawless parallel silhouettes.
The very dark brown hair color is peppered with slight rays of illumination via dark golden blonde peekaboo highlights. The starkly dark base-color of this hairstyle flaunts its artistic perfection immaculately, while the dark golden-blonde peekaboo highlights add movement and dimension to the hairstyle. Note how well the dark brown matches the modelís olive complexion, while the dark golden blonde slits bring out the amber-green undertone in the modelís brown eyes.
This is a unarguably beautiful cut. But if you want it done right, go to an artistic and experienced stylist with a flair for catwalk fashion or creative photo shoots.
Photo: Schwarzkopf
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