Short Hairstyle with a Shaved Section

Another work of hair-halo art. The hair at the nape of the neck up to the occipital bone is shaved very short. At the occipital bone it connects with a dislocated step of hair, which invariably increases in length all the way to the top of her head where it is at its longest and thickest.
This creates a full, long and thick fringe which falls over the eyebrows, creating the illusion of length and luster from the front-view. From the side youíll notice the slightly angled, jutted line of the weight line separating the shaved section and the long overhang.
The deep violet-purple color of the shaved section in contrast to the top light blonde makes this jutting line and impressive angle even more remarkable. Note how the tips of the hair hanging over the shaved section have been colored slightly very light violet to support the washing over-effect of the deep-violet to light blonde regions.
This stonewashed very light violet is continued around the circumference of the head, including the tips of her long fringe. The violet-color will also help to keep the blonde cool and toned, avoiding brassiness or yellowness.
The pale-blonde matches her light complexion very well, while the inventive angle of the weight line is in flawless sync with the modelís jaw-line. Most of her ears are open as well as the whole of her neckline, while the focus and weight-direction of the hair is styled forward towards the fringe and forehead area.
Photo: Schwarzkopf
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