Very Short Hairstyle with Fluid Curves

Here is another tresses photo-shoot work of art. This variety of the deeply loved pixie cut is all about the flawless equilibrium of connecting peninsular angles and fluid curves in such a manner that it seems like it has been drawn on the modelís head by the hand of a slightly feverish yet virtuoso artist.
The lowest part of the style is the shortest and the darkest color. The medium brown has a mahogany undertone, which meshes well with the intensely rose-beige upper-step of hair running from mid-side to the side parting. The opposite side of the modelís parting is a lighter, more pearl-beige color.
The playful and brilliant manner in which the swatches of matching color-tones are combined really makes this asymmetrical pixie-cut stand in a class of its own. Note how the rose-beige- and pearl-beige complements the modelís fair skin tone and light eyes.
The short weight-line of the cut also lures the eye to follow her splendid jawline and almost marble-like neckline. Note the solid and straight line above her ear, separating the medium mahogany brown and the light rose-beige steps in this cut. The impressive difference in color-depth is made even more remarkable by the fact that the undertone of the mahogany and rose-beige mesh surprisingly well.
The maintenance on this very short hairstyle will be high and often, as the angled and boxed layers will have to be preserved, as well as the different regions of color. A regrowth will look horrible and unkempt on this hairstyle, so be prepared to turn a lot of heads as well as making frequent trips to the salon.
Again, choose your hairstylist well. This caliber of hair-art is best done by a truly artistic and very experienced hairstylist. The hairstylist will have to be a master in both cutting and coloring. A lot of upmarket salons have their clients rotated between their master-colorists and master-cutting stylists, as this ensures that the client receives flawless service and end-results.
Photo: Schwarzkopf
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