Pixie Cut with Visible Ears

This is the heart and soul of the perennial pixie cut. Fiercely textured and feathered, with a long sliced fringe; worn is a messy, bed-head style. Note that the hair on the sides and back of her head is cut very short, yet still textured. The length gradually increases towards the top of her head, where it is quite long in relation to the lower length.
Her ears are completely visible, and the weight line of this cut is very simple. The long fringe makes for a versatile and manageable hairstyle, while the golden blonde highlights placed in her bangs makes the style fresh and interesting.
Also note how the golden blonde warms up her skin tone, while the short cut tributes her strong jaw line and distinctive facial features. The focus of her make-up is her lips, partly because of its pouty luster and partly because of the fact that the fringe drops down to almost on her nose.
The eyes are virtually veiled by the wisps of bangs hanging down, thus dramatic make-up on the eyes would lose its full effect. Note that the short cut accentuates the discernible planes and angles of her exquisite facial features. This hair color will work on almost any complexion and skin tone, as it warms up the face and eyes, while creating an almost iridescent effect on the over-all picture. The modelís simple and understated makeup works perfect with this style and cut.
Photo: Schwarzkopf
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