Pixie Hairstyle for Redheads

No one can call this model tame or vague. This fiery, red headed pixie cut is the vision of a spirited elfin, out to cause trouble. Note the long tufts of hair hanging down before her ears, and the long fringe covering her forehead and most of her brows.
This is actually quite a long version of the pixie cut, with the only region that is really short being the back. And even there the hairline is feathered so that the weight line of this cut looks soft and textured. Also note the way that the modelís hair has been styled.
Even though this pixie cut is imaginative and unique in its own right; it is the beautiful fiery splashes of red and the mischievous manner in which it has been styled, that wins the prize. This pixie hairstyle is all about jutting lines, architectural angles and textured spikes.
The modelís uniquely roguish facial features and wicked expression makes this hairstyle, a work of art. Note how the scorching red color sets off the modelís pale skin tone, as well as making her striking blue eyes pop. The dark eye make-up adds appropriate drama to her face, while the rest of her make-up is natural and simple.
The short hairstyle lures the eye to her beautiful silhouette and defined jaw line. Her oval face shape is complimented by the jutting and angled hairline, while the feathered and textured bangs add a generous amount of enigma and mischief. This color will work well with almost any complexion, although there are some women who look washed out with red hair.
Keep in mind that this hairstyle is low maintenance and versatile, as it is longer and intensely feathered. This means that you will be able to go longer in between salon visits, and youíll be able to wear your hair in a great number of different ways.
Photo: Sassoon
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