Simple Pixie Cut

This is something that Charlize Theron rocked a while back, when Hollywood was still in the height of its latest short hair fashion frenzy. The hair is cut into a very simple and short pixie cut, with beautifully flowing lines and a slightly feathered fringe. Gel is used to create this slick and old-Hollywood glamorous combed-back hairstyle, leaving the face fresh and open.
The hair color is also a simple natural light baby-blonde, which illuminates and shows off the modelís glowing peaches and cream complexion and electric light blue eyes.
Wisps of hair are tucked behind the ears to create a whisper of femininity, despite the extreme short length of this style. Note how the simple, seamless lines compliment the curving and graceful lines of the modelís bone structure and cheekbones. There are no sharp angles or jutting hooks seen in this hairstyle, which means that the model can afford to wear very long and thick artificial eyelashes without seeming overly-dramatic or attention-seeking.
Also note how the modelís make-up is done simple and tastefully, with the eyes being the only exception of exuding an undertone of drama and intensity.
This is a beautiful very short hairstyle for young women as well as those more mature; whether it is in years or character. This classy and modish take on the exemplary pixie-cut is fresh and novel, pleasing even the weariest or most bored eye. If your natural beauty and charisma can pull this off, do it now! You wonít be disappointed.
Photo: Sassoon
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