Very Short Hair with Highlights

I have always been fond of the playing of light colors at the front of the face and darker colors at the back. The light blonde tightly packed highlights at the front frame the face beautifully and illuminates the face like rays of sunlight. The darker color at the back saves the hair from extensive damage (lightening the hair too blonde causes chemical damage), while also keeping the hairstyle diverse and interesting.
The stylistís choice of blonde at the front and golden-copper medium brown at the back is inventive and imaginative, creating a truly inspiring backdrop for the modelís uniquely gorgeous face. The highlights are well blended into the darker golden-copper, by means of highlighting the hair tightly-packed and finely at the front, and then very gradually decreasing the space between the highlights/foils towards the back. Note how the few fine highlights on the crown blend in effortlessly with the rest of the golden-copper brown at the back.
The hair at the lower back and sides is shaved very short, almost blending in the styleís weight line with the skin alone the modelís hairline. The hair is then cut uniformly and gradually to create the longer tresses at the top of the head and the beautifully full and prominent fringe. Even though this is a very short pixie cut, it is unequivocally feminine and demure, partly because of the imaginative color choice and overriding fringe, as well as the modelís natural sex-appeal.
Note how the short hair along her hairline augments the attention to her flawless skin, facial structure and fascinating features. Her neckline and cheekbones are also thrown into sharp relief among the simple hairline and short cut.
Photo: Sassoon
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