Easily Manageable Short Hairstyle

Here we have an almost cat-like version of the pixie cut; although this look is of course greatly enhanced by the decidedly feline features of the beautiful model.
The hair along the sides and back circumference of the head is cut very short, baring the ears and neck to its fullest potential. The very long, wispy bangs boast in full contrast with the rest of the short hair, rendering the fringe as the focal point of this short hairstyle.
The fringe is cut into a V-angle, meaning that it is longest at the nose, tapering shorter to the sides of her face. The fringe has been sliced and feathered to keep it in proportion with the rest of the hairstyle, while simultaneously making for an easily manageable and maintainable hairstyle. This hairstyle will work best with fine, straight hair, although it will work best if you have a lot of it.
The warm, nut-brown color warms up the modelís complexion as well as her eyes, resulting in a shockingly deep and almost soulful look. This color will work well for almost any complexion and hairstyle, as it is a beautiful all-rounder and easily attainable and maintainable. The simplicity of the color enhances the focus on the shape, cut and style of the modelís hair. The color and cut is unpretentious and simple because the modelís natural beauty and effortless enigmatic presence can pull it off easily.
Note how the short hair and simple lines work well together with the modelís outline and facial structure and shape. The short hair also shows off her desirable (although disguised), neckline and sharp cheekbones. This is not an image that youíll easily ignore or forget.
Photo: Raffel Pages
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