Easy to Style Short Hair

This short hairstyle is the perfect type of an attainable pixie cut. The hair along the sides and back is cut short, but in unspoiled proportion to the rest of the hair. There are no disconnected steps along the ridge of the modelís silhouette, which means that the cute is not extremely high maintenance and really easy to style yourself.
The interesting angle of the hairline in front of the ears and the long wispy fringe keeps the style from being too tame. The stylists choice of simple medium golden brown hair color warms up the modelís complexion beautifully, while simultaneously handing over the reins of focus to the shape of the style. This is a surprising splash of refreshing understatement that grabs attention and causes envy.
The modelís strikingly simple beauty works together in flawless unison with the unpretentious and straight-forward hairstyle. Note how the short hair illuminates the angles and hollows of the modelís exquisite face, while concurrently showing off her enviable facial structure and chiseled cheekbones.
The modelís minimalistic yet outlandish make-up magnifies her look of effortless beauty and charm. The medium golden brown color works well with most complexions, as it has the powerful ability to warm up a complexion without being overly-obvious. The color also has the ability to almost highlight the planes and valleys of a beautiful face, while not losing focus on the hairís style and cut.
Note how the hairstyleís weight line along the modelís hairline flows seamlessly with the dimensions and profile of the modelís cheekbones and neckline.
Photo: Raffel Pages
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