Very Short Hairstyle that Compliments the Face

Here we have a decidedly feminine short haired siren. Her big, smoldering facial features such as full lips, alluring eyes and beautifully proportioned nose are played up by this short, playful version of the archetypal pixie cut.
Note how the hair along the line of her ears is cut short and the lines kept simple, except for the interesting little hook created in front of the modelís ear. The long bangs hang in creative wisps over her eyebrows, while following a subtle curve along the forehead.
The base color of this hairstyle is light blonde, which creates the perfect, simple backdrop for this short hairstyle, showing off its interesting lines and hooks along the hairline. The stylist added splashes of copper-red in the fringe, which keeps the color from being too ordinary and tame, yet avoiding to detract the attention from the ingenious cut. The light blonde works well with the modelís fair complexion and light eyes.
Note how well the lines along her hairline are in perfect sync with the models facial bone-structure. The modelís cheekbones flow in visual unison with the little hooks in front of the ears, as well as the flowing, curved silhouette of the back of the style. This style will work well with women who have a heart- or oval shaped face, with illuminated facial bones and prominent cheekbones.
Note how this very short hairstyle compliments the modelís facial silhouette and beautiful neckline, while illuminating her best features such as her beautiful eyes and full lips. This is simply mouth-watering.
Photo: Papas and Pace
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