Style for Fine Straight Hair

Here we have another example of how incredibly versatile a very short hairstyle can be if you know how to style it differently. This is the same model with the same hairstyle as in the previous picture, yet it looks completely different.
While this hairstyle is still centered on masculine and dramatic characteristics, it seems much more light-hearted and almost playful. Note how you can now see the disconnected lines between the dark brown along the hairline and the lighter red brown along the upper circumference of the modelís head.
Because the stylist used a slicing and feathered cutting technique, the hair is easily styled into feathered spikes when combined with the correct styling method and products. Remember that this hairstyle is best suited to fine, very straight hair.
Note how the mix of brown, red and purple pops against the pale complexion of the model. The artistic hairstyle is thrown into sharp relief against the lines and curves of the modelís silhouette, facial features and jutting cheekbones. Her make-up was once again done to match and compliment the style, while simultaneously playing up her most prominent features such as the jutting cheekbones and captivating eyes.
The great thing about short hair is that it illuminates your best features, such as big, sultry eyes, a ravishing mouth or beautiful bone structure.
Photo: Nikita Hair
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