Pixie for Thin Fine Hair

Here is a decidedly masculine take on the short pixie cut. The longer fringe does soften the look, as well as the sliced method used to create the wispy appearance of her bangs. This is a very good style for women with thin, fine hair as the slicing and severely feathered cutting technique makes the hair stand up and appear fuller. Note that the modelís ears are completely exposed, in contrast to her disguised forehead.
The base-color of this hairstyle is a medium reddish-brown, which illuminates the short hairline along the ears and neck. The lowest part of the hairline is colored a more natural dark brown. This means that the color of her hair starts from the bottom with dark brown, progressing into medium red-brown, which creates an almost illuminated presence.
The color and short length will allow the focus to be centered on the modelís silhouette and enviable facial-structure. There is a large triangular slice of dark purple added to the front-center of the models head, keeping the style to be too simple. Note how the darker colors make the modelís pale complexion pop, while complementing her green eye-color and dark make-up.
This is a decidedly evening look, when youíre aiming to add some drama and enigmatic presence to your evening. This look is best suited to women between 20 and 35, as the dark colors and stark lines can easily weigh down the facial features of a more mature woman.
Note how the modelís cheekbones and nose are also contoured with make-up, to create a more contrasting, almost hollowed out look. This style is strong, masculine, seductive and intensely dramatic. Who ever said that short hair has to be boring?
Photo: Nikita Hair
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