Shaved Hairline

Here we have very short hair along the sides and back, while the hair on top of the head is quite long. The disconnected lines of this very short hairstyle make for an almost androgynous look, as you can see it being worn by either a male or female. This being said, it would seem that while worn by a female it emanates the subtle feeling of masculinity and strength.
The ears and neck are completely exposed, as the hair is shaved off along the hairline and the back and sides of the modelís head. Note that these short lines exposed and amplify the silhouette of the face, especially from the side. Thus if you have faults in your silhouette (such as a weak chin, large nose etc.), it will be even more prominent when your hair is cut in this style. Then again, that might just be the point.
Note the modelís weak chin, rounded cheekbones and prominent nose, which are of course thrown into sharp relief with this hairstyle. These characteristics have the strong potential to be unattractive, yet because the hairstyle itself is somewhat out of proportion but emanates the feeling of power, strength and character, it actually works together astonishingly well. This is the kind of hairstyle, and face, that youíll not soon forget.
The color used here is also quite ingenious. The simple, dark brown color used in the short lower-half of the hairstyle is perfect as it augments the distinction of the lines and curves along the hairline in stark contrast to the modelís fair skin. The copper-colored hair on top of the head creates an illusion of light and illumination, making the perfect backdrop for this style, and keeping it from being overly a-sexual. This mix of color will work well for almost anyone, as the dark brown and copper match just about any complexion. This color combination will warm up and deepen darker skin tones, while it will pop against light complexions.
The maintenance of this style may be fairly high, as the sides and back will have to be kept very short, and the top half must not be allowed to grow too long as this will make the style to fall flat.
Photo: Nikita Hair
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