Hair Cut Very Short around the Ear

This very short hairstyle is not for the feint-hearted. The solid, straight fringe hangs over the eyebrows, hooding the eyes and creating an enigmatic shadow over the top half of the modelís face.
The short cut is asymmetrical, with the one side of the head sporting bob-like features; with hair covering the ear and framing the face softly. This is in breathtaking contrast to the opposite side of the modelís head, where the hair is cut very short around the ear, exposing the earlobe and temple completely.
Note the architectural beauty of the stylistís use of rounded curves connecting to solid, straight lines. This is not merely a hairstyle; it is a work of art. If youíre looking to have your hair cut in this style, I would advise that you seek out an artistic stylist with a flair for creativity and architectural perfection. Note how the stylist created the perfect curves and faultless straight lines, while connecting the different shapes in such a manner that it seems seamlessly picture perfect.
This short hairstyle will be high maintenance, but it will be well worth it. The solid light blonde hair-color is the perfect choice in this case, as it does not deflect any attention from the breathtaking perfection of the cut, yet the color itself can stand on its own and still create a stir.
Note how the make-up is also quite simple, with the focal point of the face being the dark-tinted lips. In this case less is more, as you donít want too many points on the face and hair trying to vie for attention. This is, quite simply, unfathomable talent.
Photo: Montibello
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