Very Short Pixie-Style Hair

This very short hairstyle is a bit reminiscent of the super-waif Twiggy, who became synonymous with her thin frame, very short pixie-style hair and long, curling eyelashes. She made the very short pixie-cut very famous within a short period of time in the 1960s.
Here we see feathered tresses along the hairline of the model, softening the short hairstyle and adding an element of femininity. The fringe is longer and wispier, touching the model's eyebrows and concealing her forehead. The ears are mostly exposed, while the longer tresses just in front of the ears make the hairstyle decidedly feminine.
The soft blonde hair color of the model is simple and unpretentious, making for a straightforward and solid backdrop which allows the style and cut to be the main focus. The light blonde suits this model beautifully, as it compliments her fair complexion and light eyes.
The short hairstyle and simple lines of this version of the quintessential pixie-cut enhances the model’s beautiful facial bone-structure and alluring facial character traits. Always remember that a pixie cut works best with a heart-shaped or oval-shaped facial structure and prominent features such as big eyes, a noticeable or sensuous mouth and jutting cheekbones.
Photo: L'Oréal
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