Pretty Pixie Cut

Ooh this is pretty! This version of the pixie cut is feminine with a twist of lemon! Note the softer lines of the feathered hair around the hairline as well as the manner in which the modelís hair is styled.
The hair is sliced and feathered cunningly to create the illusion of length around the edges of the modelís mouth-watering face, while the length gradually decreases towards the crown of her head. This makes for a very manageable yet memorable hairstyle.
The beautifully soft light copper brown hair color is a beautiful match to the modelís fair skin and light eyes. Note that the tips of her hair have been lightened to a very subtle golden blonde color to add an element of depth and movement to the solid base color.
The tops of her ears are covered with wispy lengths to enhance the femininity of the style, while the manner in which her hair has been styled keeps the style from reeking of frills and fussiness. The longer fringe adds some glamour and sweetness.
Photo: L'Orťal
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