Very Short Hairstyle

This almost boy-cut version of the pixie cut is meant to be worn with irrepressible attitude and spunk. This very short hairstyle is meant for strong women, who enjoy attention, fashion and color!
The ears are completely exposed, outlined by very short and mostly solid lines along the hairline. The little wispy lengths in front of the ears do add a dash of femininity, without being frilly or fussy. The strong dark brown and lighter copper red hair colors fit this style stunningly.
This hairstyle is all about making a statement and not giving a thought about whatever anyone else has to say about it. Note how the dark hair color pops against the pale skin of the model, while the blue make-up makes her eyes stand out like that of a cat.
The short, no-frills hairline of this style lures the eye towards the modelís pronounced facial features and beautiful neck and cheekbone silhouette. The longer bangs create a backdrop for the stylist to add the splashes of copper red peekaboo highlights while it also softens the look slightly.
The maintenance on this style will be moderate, but once again you should do your homework when selecting a stylist to cut your hair into this style. Select one with a passion for pixie and punk styles as well as creative and imaginative use of color and cutting techniques.
Photo: L'Anza
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