Haircut with Exposed ears and Neck

This is a beautiful short pixie style, styled to make the model seem something like a demure elfin. Note the sliced and feathered hairline, softening the look and creating a feminine and playful feel.
The ears are completely exposed, yet the long wisps of hair in front of the ear give a sense of length. The bangs are also feathered and sliced to create an illusion of longer bangs, while the dreamy light copper color enhances the almost other-worldly and magical feeling.
Note the golden-blonde highlights interspersed on the tips of the wisps around the hairline. This breaks the light copper color in a very subtle manner, while creating a picture of sunlight and glamour dancing around the edges of the modelís face.
This is a beautifully creative and imaginative take on the normal pixie-cut. Her neck is completely exposed as well as her ears, meaning that the eye is automatically drawn towards the soft lines of the modelís neck, her silhouette and stunningly chiselled cheekbones. This cut works best on women with delicate features, a heart- or oval shaped face and pronounced facial features.
Photo: La Biosthetique
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