Fashionable Pixie Cut with a Short Fringe

This is a very futuristic and almost androgynous version of the short pixie cut. The solid, straight lines and pronounced angles make for a very cutting-edge, almost severe look. The maintenance on this cut will be high, but it will be well worth the price if youíre after something unique and fashionable.
The short fringe and solid edges lure the eye to study the modelís enviable facial structure and stunning features. Note that her ears are open and become quite pronounced with this cut, thus this is not something for anyone with insecurities about their ears (too big, long etc). The severe lines also lure the eye to the softer lines of the modelís beautiful neck and cheekbones.
This fashionable very short hairstyle works best with striking colors such as this beautiful blonde, or coal-black, or even fiery red.
Do your homework before approaching a stylist with this style in mind. For the right end result, youíll need a stylist with a passion for futuristic, eccentric and cutting edge fashion. Choose someone who either has a lot of experience working on model shoots, movie sets or the fashion runway. Alternatively go to someone who is known for his/her love for original and one-of-a-kind punk and pixie kind of styles.
Photo: La Biosthetique
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