Mature Style for Short Hair

Note how this is actually the same model with the same hairstyle as in the previous picture. This is a perfect example of how versatile this hairstyle can be. In this picture the model looks demure and mature, while in the previous picture she seems playful and almost outrageously amassed with sex-appeal.
Note how the warm colors of the nut brown and golden brown hair bring out a feeling of warmth and depth in her complexion and eyes.
The short sides and back make this version of the pixie-cut exceptionally easy to handle and maintain, while the longer fringe adds versatility and femininity. The pixie-cut is probably one of the most favoured short hairstyles among women for years now, probably because of its adaptable nature and easily sustainable characteristic.
Women enjoy the many versions of this glamour cut, while men like the fact that it still looks feminine and sexy, even though it is a short hairstyle. Pixie-cuts are easily moulded from playful to demure.
Photo: Keune
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