Versatile Style for Very Short Hair

This beautifully playful pixie cut is one of the most versatile very short hairstyles ever. The short hair at the sides and back make for a very easily manageable hairstyle, while the longer hair on top adds femininity and an array of different ways to wear the hairstyle.
Women should always remember that when you keep your hair longer on the top and at the front of the head, you leave yourself with a large amount of styles to play with, while still keeping in touch with your inner goddess.
This style can be worn messy like in the picture, by merely using some bed-head wax and combing your fingers through the hair to create the desired effect. The hair can be slicked back and away from the face with wet-look gel to create a smooth, glossy look for glamour events. The hair can also be blow-dried to fall softly around the face, creating an elegant and feminine look.
The beautiful nut brown hair of the model interspersed with very fine golden highlights is a color that works well with almost any complexion and hairstyle. It works exceptionally well with this hairstyle as it does not lessen the prominent effect of the beautiful cut, yet it is still striking enough to warrant second and third glances.
This hairstyle is easily maintained and easily styled.
Photo: Keune
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