Very Short hairstyle with a Blunt Fringe

If lady Gaga were ever to cross the divide between long and short hair, this would probably be what she’d be wearing.
Note the perfectly blunt fringe, covering the eyebrows, spanning over the whole forehead area of the model. The glossy bangs are flawlessly straight and glossy, emanating an almost other-worldly light with the help of the eye-catching copper and golden blonde strands. Note how the copper and gold in the model’s hair brings out the green of the model’s smokey-made up eyes.
The low weight-line of the bangs creates a mystical, almost enigmatic feeling, urging one to take a longer, searching look into those beautiful depthless eyes. The fringe is thick with a solid weight-line, spanning from temple to temple.
The copper and gold hair color works best with fair skinned beauties that have naturally light eyes and hair. Note how the dark make-up, jutting facial lines and strong facial features create a playfully enigmatic, almost elfin look.
The hair around the ears is asymmetrical, with the one ear cut open while the other ear is mostly covered with feathered or sliced hair falling over it. Asymmetrical cut are always fun and original, setting one apart from the crowd.
Photo: Joico
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