From the Desk to the Dance Floor in 5 Easy Steps

Fashionable women at work
It's Friday, the end to a long work week. You're meeting your friends at the local dance club after your late meeting, which means you won't have time to run home and change. You have to wear a business suit to work, but don't want to go clubbing looking fresh from the board room. The solution? A ten-minute make-over! With a little pre-planning, you can be ready to go from your desk to the dance floor in just five easy steps. Here's how:
1. It's all in the accessories. Make sure to wear a business suit that has a tank dress and a blazer instead of separates. After work, ditch the blazer and accessorize the dress. Wear a silver belt that hangs low on the hips. Add an over-the-top necklace to off-set the simplicity of the tank dress. Ditch the nude pantyhose for black hose or even fishnets.
Exchange the mundane pumps for a sexy pair of stilettos that tie up the calves. Do one, two, or all of these things, and no one will even notice that the dress is part of a suit set. Just remember to pack everything you want to change and bring with you to work!
2. Bed head is sexy. Whether you have long or short hair, the slightly messy, fresh-out-of-bed look is fun and sexy. Simply apply your favorite spray gel and use you hands to scrunch and lift your hair. When you get the level of messiness you like, set with a little hairspray. Want something classier? French braid your hair wet in the morning. After work, take the braid out, finger-comb the hair into place and set with hairspray.
3. The eyes have it. Even though your make-up for work is probably muted, it doesn't take much to go from conservative to catty. Apply an extra layer of eyeliner over the brown or black you'd applied in the morning, preferably in a bright color, like hunter green or sapphire blue.
Put a dark color, like deep plum, in the crease and bring it out to the outer corner of your eye. Put a light, sparkly color in the center of each lid to create a fun peek-a-boo look. Applying new eye shadow over existing eye shadow not only darkens and emphasizes the new color, but the old color acts like a primer, helping the new color last longer.
4. Kissable lips. For rock star lips that are colored with your normal work neutral lipstick color, line your lips with a pencil a shade darker than your lipstick, outlining just outside of your natural lips line to make them look fuller. Then, apply a dark lip gloss, like a luscious berry or ruby red, over the entire mouth.
5. The shimmer effect. Finally, give your skin a glow by applying a shimmering body lotion. The shimmer will reflect the lights from the dance floor, giving you a dewy sparkle that will attract all kinds of attention.
With just these five simple steps, you can leave the conservative businesswoman behind in exchange for the stylish gal looking to have a good time out with her girlfriends. The best part: no one will ever know it only took you ten minutes to get ready!
Photo: Elena Yakusheva/Shutterstock
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