Eye Shadow for Green Eyes

Eye shadow
Q: I have green eyes and I don’t know what color eye shadow to use to make them stand out. Do you have any advice?
A: Funnily enough, just recently I was discussing this topic with another visitor to this site who was asking how to bring out her brown eyes. As I said then, the important thing to remember is that you have to use a shadow color that contrasts with your eye color. These contrasting colors – also known as complementary colors – are found opposite the eye color on the color wheel.
In the case of green eyes, you want to choose eye shadow that is predominantly red toned. It doesn’t have to be a lot of shadow color – in many cases just a simple edging on the lids around the lashes is sufficient. As complimentary colors, red and green make each other stand out more when placed next to one another. The rest of the eye area can be shaded using neutral tones for as soft or as dramatic effect as is needed for the occasion.
The principle that calls for red’s use with green eyes works similarly for other eye colors. Blue eyes call for orange shadow colors, and violet eyes call for golden/yellow shadow colors. The “odd colors” found in eyes – hazel and gray – are special cases, and often appear a different color depending on the shadow color used.
A hazel-eyed individual who uses blue or yellow/golden shadow may see his eye color appear more strongly green in hue, while the gray-eyed individual will note that his eyes take on the color that is used nearest them.
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