Make-Up Applying Order

Beautician who is doing make-up
Q: Is there a certain order of applying make up that should be followed?
A: Yes, actually, and itís pretty simple when you think of the purpose each cosmetic product serves. Think of the products in terms of artistsí media.
Moisturizers, foundations and concealers are designed to even out the skinís texture and tone. Moisturizer should be applied first (unless it is tinted moisturizer designed to replace foundation make-up and provide lighter coverage). Next, you apply the concealer to cover any prominent blemishes or discoloration of the skin. Foundation is then applied to even out the skin tone and blend away minor skin color variations (blotches, pale freckles, etc.).
If you prefer using a tinted moisturizer instead of full-coverage foundation, you can skip the moisturizer step, and simply apply it after using concealer if needed. The result at this point should be a clean-looking, smooth complexion upon which the rest of the make-up is applied.
If the skin appears too shiny or you have oily skin, this is the point at which you would use translucent powder to set the foundation and give a matte appearance to the face.
The next step is to apply contouring cosmetics Ė eye shadows and blusher. These are applied in whatever manner is esthetically pleasing to you to achieve whatever effect you desire. The look can be soft and natural, or bold and dramatic. Whichever look you want to achieve, be sure to blend the make-up carefully to avoid demarcation lines and give a professional look.
The last step is the detailing. This is where you apply eye brow definition, eyeliner, mascara and lip color. All of these are products that you donít want to have smeared or obscured by the other make-up products and therefore should go on last.
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