How to Pencil Eyebrows

Penciling eyebrows
Q: I have virtually invisible eyebrows (very, very blond and thin). I have penciled them in for years. They always look pretty drawn on though.
Do you have any suggestions on the correct way to pencil? How do you feel about dyes?

A: The invisible blonde eyebrows are a common issue for many fair-haired women. While the penciling option is probably the most common solution used, many women fail to understand how to pencil their brows for a natural look. The secret is to use a sharpened pencil and make short, light, overlapping strokes to mimic hairs.
Some people opt for a different way to darken the brow, by using a powder color to create diffuse shading beneath the brow itself. Simply take a fine-tipped makeup brush and use a soft brown color to make a shaded line to highlight the brows.
Another technique is to use a brown mascara product to color in the brows. This can be most effective for a natural look, but can be tricky depending on the fullness and length of the hairs of the brows. However, a little practice can lead to some great results.
Finally, there IS the use of hair dye to color the brows. It is hair, after all. Using hair dye to color the brows requires careful execution, because the chemicals in haircolor can be harmful to the eyes. Personally, I would recommend that you enlist the aid of a salon professional before you try to dye your brows yourself.
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